Friday 19 November 2021



7" Split Pre Order 

Absolutely thrilled to be bringing you this!

After coming off a stellar LP with “The Fire Rages On”, Burning Strong has teamed up with Qualifier from Birmingham, AL to deliver six tracks of pure hardcore-punk goodness.

Burning Strong follows their traditional Florida Straight Edge sound that harkens to their roots while Qualifier smooths out side-b with a throwback punk sound you can sing along to. This release is limited to 600 total copies and includes an instant download of the release.

We are taking preorders for the following variations:

  • Clear with green, gold and blue splatter (PZRE EXCLUSIVE!!!)
  • 5 x Test Pressings
  • Blue (only 15 of these!)
Estimated shipping date is June 2022

Check out the store here: Patient Zero Store

Big love