Wednesday 9 November 2022



Black Friday event coming Nov 25th

Hello everyone!

We will shortly be having a Black Friday weekend sale, starting on Friday November 25th and ending Cyber Monday November 28th GMT

There will be 20% off selected items throughout the store so if you can, help us clear some stock and get yourself some great music at a discounted price

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Cheers, PZRE

Tuesday 5 July 2022



Keep your eyes open for these and treat your ears

Some stuff we’ve got in the Patient Zero Records pipeline…

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Cheers, PZRE



Discourage and SAFE vinyl shipping now!!

We finally got our hands on the Discourage LP and the two ‘Forlorn Hope’ 7” reissues - we’ve managed to get a few extras, so if you missed out - GO!

If you hit the store, have a look around and maybe pick something else up - we now have the SAFE ‘The First Season’ EP splatter variant in hand and there are still a couple of test pressings available but we are waiting on those to arrive shortly 

All of the new items we have are shipping now

Thanks for your patience and as always, huge thanks for your support, we really do appreciate it ❤️

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Cheers, PZRE

Thursday 19 May 2022



Lots of Patient Zero Records vinyl, tapes and CD's shipping now

This is just some of the rad Patient Zero Records releases that were part of the restock and available right now on the PZRE store

These include the PZRE red Panther City cover of 'Final Fool' by Allegation and the new 'Misshapen World' 12" EP from Sinking

We also have vinyl, tapes and CD's from plenty more bands including Hundreds Of AU, Crafter, Reckless Threat, and Four Walls Falling 

Have a look and pick something up!!

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Cheers, PZRE

Tuesday 26 April 2022



Including the PZRE exclusive variant of the 'Final Fool' 7" from Allegation

Today was a great mail day! 

We have received a box full of Patient Zero goodies that will all be going up on the store in the next week or so and they will all be available immediately, no preorders

There will be releases from Going Off, Fever Strike, Sinking, Reckless Threat, Bitter Truth, Burning Strong, Hundreds Of AU and more 

Aswell as plenty of vinyl, there will also be tapes and CD's for the first time

Among the vinyl will be three variants of the 'Final Fool' 7" by Allegation, one of which will be our PZRE exclusive with alternate cover that is only available through us - only 25 copies made, sneak preview below

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Monday 31 January 2022



Free download now live!

Hey all! We've just uploaded the new promo from Your Disease. These guys take influence from some classic Death and Thrash bands.

The two tracks are from the upcoming "Desolation Zone" due out in April 2022.

Track Listing:

1. DeadAlive
2. DOS (Destruction Of Self)

Check them out and let us know what you think!

Big love


Friday 31 December 2021



Splatter and Test Pressings available for Preorder

5pm GMT NYE 31.12.21

Hey everyone! Hope you have had a lovely Christmas! Preorders for Safe -The First Season will be going live this evening!

This is a preorder and will ship late March 2022. "The First Season" 12" EP is the synthesis of SAFE's first years. 

They sound a little bit different and more melodic and catchy than the songs of "Stay Strong" EP, "Power Of Bliss" LP and "Unselfish" 7" EP. 

For the first time on vinyl their most significant songs of the past! 

Limited to 300 copies and includes a digital download card.

Eternal Splatter and a limited number of Test Pressings available!

Track Listing:

1. Without Your Guide 
2. The Knower of Dharma 
3. Not Alone 
4. Ride A New Season 
5. Empty Rage 
6. Nrsimha Prayer

Check out the store here: Patient Zero Store 

Happy New Year,


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