Friday 31 December 2021



Splatter and Test Pressings available for Preorder

5pm GMT NYE 31.12.21

Hey everyone! Hope you have had a lovely Christmas! Preorders for Safe -The First Season will be going live this evening!

This is a preorder and will ship late March 2022. "The First Season" 12" EP is the synthesis of SAFE's first years. 

They sound a little bit different and more melodic and catchy than the songs of "Stay Strong" EP, "Power Of Bliss" LP and "Unselfish" 7" EP. 

For the first time on vinyl their most significant songs of the past! 

Limited to 300 copies and includes a digital download card.

Eternal Splatter and a limited number of Test Pressings available!

Track Listing:

1. Without Your Guide 
2. The Knower of Dharma 
3. Not Alone 
4. Ride A New Season 
5. Empty Rage 
6. Nrsimha Prayer

Check out the store here: Patient Zero Store 

Happy New Year,


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Wednesday 22 December 2021



Spinner and Splatter Variants

Another great release from Patient Zero.

Originally started as more of a fun project influenced by acts like No Warning and Down to Nothing, Bitter Truth's lineup eventually solidified, and the group got to work playing shows throughout the Midwest and Canada. 

After coming off a stellar EP with "Reality Check", "Perfect World" is the next step in the evolution for these Grand Rapids heavyweights. 

Estimated shipping date is early Jan 2022 (after we have finished our turkey leftovers)

Check out the store here: Patient Zero Store

Check out the tracks:

Big Love and Happy Holidays